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Drone data advance workplace safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, with agriculture, construction, survey, mining, and inspection jobs at the forefront. Compared to conventional data collection and processing techniques, drone-generated data can be collected at a fraction of the cost and time. AE offers aerial reality capturing services and delivers real-time data with speed, reasonable cost, and at a professional level. There is a variety of output data formats including xyz, las, goetiff, obj, dxf, jpg and pdf to fit your needs.

Orthomosaic Aerial Imagery

Integrating multiple smaller images known as orthophotos allows these vast map-quality images great details and resolution. Unlike simple JPEG images, orthomosaic images contain high accuracy information which could be utilized for measurement and quantity estimation.

3D Models / Point Clouds

We are offering a variety of high-quality 3D models resulting from advanced software processing generating point clouds & 3D models in .obj, .las, & .xyz file formats.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

With drone data, we would be able to produce DTM with up to 95% of accuracy depending on your project requirement. Contour lines are useful for landscape modeling, city modeling, and visualization applications. It is often required for flood or drainage modeling, land-use studies, geological applications, and other applications.

Aerial Videography

By delivering the sharp high-quality aerial footage with 4k resolution videos of your job site, you would be able to quickly identify your project progress and it could be used for video post-production.